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  • 10 Toothbrushing Mistakes

    Toothbrushing is such an ingrained habit, few people think twice about it. But as with any habit, you can get sloppy, and that can lead to cavities and gum disease. Here, dentists and oral health expe.

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    Smiling Could Help With Stress: Study

    If you’re feeling stressed, maybe the best thing you can do is crack a smile. New research shows that smiling — and especially genuine smiling (where your eyes and mouth muscles are engage.

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    People with severe sleep apnea five times more likely to die from cancer, study shows

    Sleep apnea is a problem that goes well beyond annoying your partner with loud snoring. Research is showing it can raise risk for heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Now, a new study finds it can make.

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    Snoring: A Sign of Serious Health Problems?

    Do you think you have sleep apnea? Call us, we can help! There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, but for people with obstructive sleep apnea, decent shut-eye is hard to get. They snore .

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    Dental Plaque Linked to Cancer Risk

    Poor oral hygiene may be associated with increased risk of cancer and premature death, researchers found. Among healthy adults in Sweden plaque build-up increased the relative risk of premature death .

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    Can dental x-rays cause brain tumors?

    A new study attempting to correlate dental x-rays in the past to an uncommon benign brain tumor was published today. And the headlines are scary! A cursory Google search of todays news yields these he.

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