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    The Healthy Start System is a revolutionary new technique to correct Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB). This new non-invasive technique is a natural way of straightening teeth, which eliminates the need for plastic aligners, braces, and surgery.

    The Healthy Start System prevents orthodontic problems and improves your smile.

    Is there any danger in not treating your child’s Sleep Disordered Breathing?

    When left untreated, SDB can lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is a life threatening medical condition. Apart from developing OSA, patients with Sleep Disordered Breathing can also suffer from hypertension, coronary artery disease, strokes, weight gain, and diabetes.

    Unfortunately, traditional treatments for this problem don’t actually straighten teeth.

    Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing with the Healthy Start can help your
    child live a normal life again. Studies have shown that this treatment can have a dramatic impact on your child’s life, often allowing him/her to live without prescription medicines.

    After your child has undergone the Healthy Start Treatment, he/she will sleep peacefully at night. It will improve his/her focus in school and allow your children to go after their dreams in life. They will be better rested and have enough energy to run through the day like other kids.

    Enrolling your child for the Healthy Start Treatment could also help treat ADD and ADHD as inadequate sleep often causes it. With straight teeth and better breathing, your child will eventually sleep properly and reduce the need for prescription drugs to treat ADHD.

    How the Healthy Start System Straightens Teeth Naturally

    The Healthy Start System is an entirely natural way to straighten teeth. It has already shown better results compared to traditional orthodontics. Instead of correcting teeth, this treatment program focuses entirely on preventing orthodontic problems.

    When using this unique new treatment system, your child doesn’t need to wear braces or plastic aligners. Your dentist won’t suggest surgery to fix teeth, and yet your kids will have a picture perfect smile.

    The Healthy Start System uses numerous appliances at different stages of the treatment to guide teeth as they grow. As a result of this painless technique, your children grow straight teeth that improve their personality and boost their confidence.

    Here are some benefits of using the Healthy Start Treatment in children.

    • Promotes healthy oral habits
    • Improves chewing habits
    • Helps to correct teeth in children within 12 months.
    • Eliminates the need for braces.
    • Helps with arch expansion and therefore avoids surgery for extractions.
    • Most appliances are to be used at night, making it easy to children to put them on.
    • Improves lower jaw alignment and develops a beautiful smile.

    How does this system work?

    The Healthy Start System appliances leverage the natural forces of facial growth. Using these pressure points, your dentist can direct your teeth in the right direction.

    The devices used for this system are comfortable to use, and they use a soft material to make them painless.

    These devices work by naturally expanding the developing jaws to help the erupting teeth grow in its ideal position. This technique not only supports the correct growth of teeth but it also fixes lower jaw and makes your smile even more charming.

    With the right appliances in place, periodontal fiber tissues grow straight. These fiber bundles serve as anchors for teeth. When they grow straight, the problem of crooked teeth will be gone for good. Your children won’t need braces to fix their teeth.

    The Healthy Start System works in three phases, explained below.

    First Phase: Correcting Oral Habits

    The first phase, also known as habit-corrector, focuses on improving your child’s oral habits. Appliances are used to help your child breathe through the nasal track rather than breathing with an open mouth. Moreover, children are encouraged to swallow properly during this phase. How your child eats food changes the way, new teeth erupt.

    The appliances used in the first phase are non-invasive and painless, similar to devices used during other phases of The Health Start System. Your child will wear preventive appliances at night and for two hours during the day.

    Your child will wear something similar to a peacemaker. They might seem irritated on the first few nights, but soon they will become used to it. Depending on the oral condition of your child, he/she may have to wear it for anywhere between 4 to 20 weeks.

    Second Phase: Expanding the Arches

    During this phase, the treatment focuses on expanding your child’s arches so that permanent teeth could find enough space to grow straight. It prevents crooked tooth and eliminates the need for braces during teenage.

    Depending on the individual situation, your dentist could recommend wearing this second phase device for 8 to 30 weeks.

    Third and Final Phase: Accommodating New Adult Teeth

    In the third and the last phase of the Healthy Start Treatment, your dentist will work on the proper alignment of your child’s new adult teeth. This phase usually starts when your child has 3-4 permanent teeth.

    It is one of the most critical phases in teeth correction. It’s the time when gum tissue fibers start attaching themselves to the teeth. With proper appliances, your child’s teeth will form correctly and align with each other, giving your child a perfect smile and healthy teeth.